What Makes Older Men So Keen On Dating Much Younger Women

Older Man Dating Younger Woman

Why would older men love dating younger women?

• Is it something about their looks?

• Is it their youth that attracts them?

That may be some of the reasons, but there are other reasons behind an older man dating a younger woman. And, surprisingly enough, some of it can be rather complicated too.

Looking At the Law Of Averages

When you get to your 40s, it’s not the idea of dating a younger woman that’s appealing; it becomes harder not to date them. Most women, when they reach their 30s and 40s, are already married, which makes it difficult for a single man of this age to find a woman his own age. However, a younger woman of late 20s and early 30s are often single and not as demanding. You don’t have to make a decision about the future.

Of course, that changes when she gets older and wants more than a date.

What Men Have To Say About Dating Younger Women

Eden, 53, Montreal - Younger women are more alluring because of their nonchalant attitude. They don’t make real judgments and don’t have set ways just yet. They’re not concerned about what they want from a partner as of the moment. They are more about the here and now.

Carl, 64, Chicago - Younger women allow me to be my silly self on a date. They don’t worry about how they look when they’re dating you. Inviting them out to a late night date isn’t frowned upon.

Bard, 46, Atlanta - Since younger women haven’t done a lot of dating in their lifetime, they don’t carry with them a lot of emotional baggage. Younger women tend to have an untainted outlook on their life. When a woman has repeatedly been lied to, she immediately suspects a man of lying to her, even if there’s no proof of it. Young women don’t have this cynicism to them.

Steve 62, Texas - When there’s no agenda by a date, it makes things so much more fun. Younger women don’t care much for settling down just yet. They’re into the here and now of things. They want to have fun. They want things to go naturally.

Aaron, 57, New York City - Younger women can give older men a boost in their ego because women often see men for their youthfulness. It gives men a feeling of, “yep, I still have things going for me with the ladies.”

Eric, 53, Houston - Older men find it much easier to impress younger women. In fact, many young women don’t mind if an older man takes control of the situation – showing them all the sights and sounds there is with a better lifestyle. Women love it when men have a plan, and it goes off without a hitch.

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